Diploma in Dance Instruction (DDI)

To begin your training as a qualified ISTD dance teacher, you will begin your training with the DDI qualification. The exam consists of modules covering the syllabus and theory of practical teaching, written papers, course work and examinations. It is a very comprehensive beginning to your training. To enter this exam, teachers need to have passed Intermediate or above. To receive training and be entered for these exams, teachers need to be registered with an accredited Dance Centre.

Diploma in Dance Education (DDE)

DDE is the continuation, or second part of the teaching Qualification. It continues a teachers training along the same framework as FDI, but in greater depth and to a higher student examination level. To enter, teachers need to have passed Advanced 1 or above, and hold the completed FDI certificate.

On the 31st August 2004, the ISTD added to its teaching qualification portfolio with the introduction of the Diploma in Dance Instruction (FDI) and Diploma in Dance Education (DDE).

These qualifications were introduced for a number of reasons;

• to offer teachers a qualification not only recognised by the ISTD and dance world, but also by the UK Government

• to address the fact that in the past the dance teaching profession has not been given the recognition it deserves allowing too many unqualified teachers to work with children and adults in this area

• to enhance our professional teaching qualifications in line with the requirements from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) to match the UK Government’s aim to ensure that teachers across all sectors are appropriately qualified

Both qualifications are approved by the UK Government and have been accredited by the regulatory authorities QCA, ACCAC and CEA, and have been placed at level 3 and level 4 of the National Qualifications Framework respectively. This means that the DDI is equivalent to an A level and the DDE to the first year of a degree.